The Business Case for SEP

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Facilities pursue certification to Superior Energy Performance® (SEP™) to achieve an attractive return on investment while enhancing sustainability. The business case for SEP is based on detailed accounts from facilities that have implemented ISO 50001 and SEP.

SEP yields low-cost energy savings that directly impact the bottom line. Analysis across ten SEP certified facilities revealed significant savings. Find all the data in the 2015 SEP Cost-Benefit Analysis paper, which documents SEP-certified facilities achieving deeper, more sustained energy savings:

  • 12% reduction in energy costs within 15 months of starting to implement SEP, on average;
  • Annual savings of $36,000 to $938,000 using no-cost or low-cost operational measures;
  • Paybacks of less than 1.5 years in facilities with energy costs > $2 million annually (less than 2.5 years for those with energy costs of $1 million per year)

Beyond impressive energy and cost savings, facilities stated that the combination of an ISO 50001 certified energy management system (EnMS) and a verified energy performance improvement delivers additional benefits:

  • Provides the data and analysis to inform decision making;
  • Takes EnMS to a new level using advanced, rigorous tools to create robust data tracking and measurement not previously available;
  • Raises the visibility of successful facilities within the company;
  • Gives proof of performance—certification gives credibility internally and externally;
  • Brings national recognition to your program, helping it grow and succeed

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