About SEP

Superior Energy Performance® (SEP) is a certification program that provides facilities with a roadmap for achieving continual improvement in energy performance while maintaining competitiveness. The program provides a transparent system for verifying energy performance improvement and energy management practices through application of an internationally-accepted standard. A central element of SEP is implementation of ISO 50001 Energy management systems-Requirements with guidance for use (ISO 50001).

About The SEP 2017 Transition

Since the launch of SEP in 2012, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), administrator for SEP, has worked to improve the program based on stakeholder feedback and learnings from the field. As a result, the SEP 2017 program offers an additional performance level and sustainable requirements for recertification that enable organizations to stay in the program over time.

Individuals currently holding IEnMP certifications will have the opportunity to be certified to SEP 2012 and SEP 2017 by completing the SEP Update Training course.


Delivery MethodOn-Line
Course Fee$ 100.00
ContentIntroduction plus 5 modules
Length of CourseApproximately 2 hours to complete
Passing ScoreEach module has knowledge checks which must be completed with at least an 80% passing score. Student will have 3 tries to pass the knowledge checks.
Certificate of AchievementStudents completing the SEP Update Training and passing the knowledge checks will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Georgia Tech.

The steps for IEnMP certified person to become certified
to SEP 2017 are as follows:

Step One

Complete the SEP Update Training and pass the knowledge checks

Step Two

Forward the certificate received
from Ga Tech to IEnMP

Step Three

IEnMP will update the website indicating SEP 2012 and SEP 2017 compliance.

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