IEnMP ReCertification Overview

IEnMP certified persons are required to submit evidence for recertification of the IEnMP credential prior to the end of the recertification interval in order to maintain the certification in good standing and avoid suspension. Certified persons are also required to demonstrate continuing compliance with the current certification criteria, including any changes to Normative references.

Each IEnMP certification scheme has defined recertification requirements. The specific recertification requirements for each IEnMP certification can be viewed by clicking the link for the certification in question.

An individual who has not met the recertification requirements in accordance with the recertification interval, will have a six (6) month grace period to meet the requirements.  If the requirements are not met within the six (6) month grace period, the certified person will have their certification suspended and considered in a state of Voluntary Lapse.  The individual shall be removed from the IEnMP website listing of Certified Persons.

An individual who has failed to meet the recertification requirements within the six (6) month grace period due to a family or medical emergency will have their situation reviewed by the Operations Committee.  The Operations Committee will make a determination for suspension status, and if applicable, provide a reasonable time for the individual to fulfill the recertification requirements.

An individual who has voluntarily let certification lapse is not certified and may not use any certification designation or associated initial designation. These individuals may reinstate certified status through one of the following options:

Option 1 – If certification lapse is less than one year:

  • Submit the required documentation and pay the associated fees
  • Fill out the reinstatement form on the “Apply for Recertification” form

Option 2 – If certification lapse is greater than one year:

  • Reapply for the certification and pay any associated fees
  • Successfully pass the certification examination


The following resources are available to assist with submitting continuing education or work experience. Please note that submitted audits require employer verification to count toward the audit day requirement. It is the responsibility of the candidate or certified person to coordinate the employer verification of the audit days. The employer verification should be sent to directly from the individual attesting to the audit days conducted.


The 50001 SEP (2019) update training is available online through Georgia Tech. The SEP update training is recommended for 2012 and / or 2017 certification holders. Attending the SEP update training will count toward a certified person’s continuing education credit, and for SEP Performance Verifier, can be used for SEP engagements. For additional information and to register click the link: SEP Update Training

The detailed recertification requirements for IEnMP certificatons can be accessed as follows:

50001 CP EnMS


50001 CP EnMS can be accessed by clicking the “Learn About Recertification” at the link below:

Get Recertified
SEP Lead

SEP Lead Auditors can be accessed by clicking the “Learn About Recertification” button on the link below:

Get Recertified
SEP Performance

SEP Performance Verifiers can be accessed by clicking the “Learn About Recertification” button on the link below :

Get Recertified
EPI ISO 50001
Lead Auditor

The EPI ISO 50001 Lead Auditor can be accessed by clicking the “Learn About Recertification” button on the link below:

Get Recertified