Energy Management and ISO 50001

Michael Hewson Energy News

According to the IEA, significant energy efficiency potential remains unrealized in a number of key sectors – including industrial and commercial. A key problem is that energy efficiency is not integrated into the daily management practices of organizations.

Energy management systems (EnMS), such as the ISO 50001 international energy management system standard, equip organizations with the policies and processes that enable them to better plan, manage, and improve their energy performance on a continuous basis.

EnMS is proving to be an effective strategy for governments and industries to cost-effectively reduce energy use.

This saved energy translates into reduced energy costs, increased productivity, enhanced energy security, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Case studies have demonstrated the clear business value of implementing energy management systems, showing energy performance improvements of 10 percent and more, with most of the improvement (in some cases, 70% or more) coming from low or no cost operational improvements.