The U.S. Council for Energy-Efficient Manufacturing (U.S. CEEM) is positioning the U.S. industry as a global leader in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and guides the development of Superior Energy Performance™ (SEP). As part of this effort, the Institute for Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP) was created. IEnMP is a non-profit organization, initially funded by the Department of Energy, existing to provide certifications to individuals in support of SEP.

IEnMP Certification Overview

In order to attain any of the IEnMP certifications, the candidate is required to meet the eligibility requirements for education and experience. The Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems (CP EnMS) is for individuals who have demonstrated knowledge and working experience in energy management system related activities. This certification is a prerequisite for both the SEP Lead Auditor and SEP Performance Verifier certifications.

Additionally the Energy Professionals International (EPI) Institute has established an internationally relevant certification scheme for ISO 50001 Lead Auditor meeting the requirements for ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation and suitable for adaptation to country- specific needs. The scheme and international exam will improve consistency of ISO 50001 certification outcomes by establishing a standardized and high level of knowledge and skills for ISO 50001 auditors globally. The EPI ISO 50001 Lead Auditor Certification is being offered by IEnMP, and it is also a prerequisite to the SEP Lead Auditor certification.

IEnMP Statement of Impartiality

IEnMP is dedicated to impartiality in all certification-related activities. IEnMP activities are independent of external pressures (including political, commercial and financial pressures). The Operations Committee has the responsibility to ensure that all IEnMP activities are performed in an impartial manner. This responsibility includes:

  • A proactive review of potential threats to impartiality and subsequent efforts to mitigate these threats,
  • Identifying and managing actual or perceived conflicts of interest,
  • Ensuring that the certification process is fair to all applicants and candidates,
  • Treating all applicants, candidates, and certificants equally with their fulfillment of certification requirements as the sole determinant of the certification decision.

The certifications offered by IEnMP encompass the following areas:

CP EnMS Certified

Certified Practitioners in Energy Management Systems help organizations in conforming to the requirements of the ISO 50001 plus the additional SEP requirements.

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SEP Lead

SEP Lead Auditors assess an organization’s management system conformance to ISO 50001 & additional SEP requirements. These are documented in ANSI MSE 50021.

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SEP Performance

SEP Performance Verifiers assess a manufacturing plant’s conformance to the protocols and energy performance improvement levels defined by the SEP program.

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EPI ISO 50001
Lead Auditor

The EPI ISO 50001 Lead Auditor credential is created to support an international workforce focused on maximizing the energy savings in industrial, commercial, & public sector.

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