50001 EnMS Practitioner in Training

IEnMP announces a new certificate called "50001 EnMS Practitioner in Training" for individuals who meet specific educational requirements, but...

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ISO 50001:2018 Formally Released

The highly-anticipated international standard ISO 50001:2018 – Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use has been released....

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IEnMP Certification Program Changes

The Department of Energy has recently made a decision to more closely align their programs to ISO 50001.   The...

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Transition Plan SEP 2017 Program

Individuals currently holding IEnMP certifications will have the opportunity to be updated to the SEP 2017 program by completing...

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About IEnMP

We are a non-profit organization, originally established at the Georgia Institute of Technology, providing personnel certification services in support...

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Looking To Get Certified?

Learn about the area's of certification we offer to help provide certifications to individuals in support of SEP.

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Apply Today

Now is the time to get certified! You can apply by submitting your online application.

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The Business Case for SEP

Facilities pursue certification to Superior Energy Performance® (SEP™) to achieve an attractive return on investment while enhancing sustainability. The...

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Hilton Hotels attain SEP certification

Hilton Worldwide has become the first hospitality company to have hotels certified to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s)...

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The Institute For Energy Management Professionals provides personnel certification services in support of ISO 50001, the Superior Energy Performance™ and other energy management systems.


Learn what is required to meet the eligibility requirements for education and experience.

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Transition Plan to the SEP 2017 Program

If you’re holding IEnMP certifications, you can update to SEP 2017 certification.

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Adoption of
ISO 50001

Become certified to assist companies implement energy standards.

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Join the ISO 50001 International Movement!

Enable auditors to have one credential that is accepted in all participating countries.

Now is the time to get certified for the Energy Professionals International (EPI) ISO 50001 Lead Auditor certification and help establish ISO 50001 standard internationally!

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